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    Shop Active Loaners at Cincinnati MINI

    Looking for a quality, like-new MINI at an affordable price? Did you enjoy your loaner vehicle so much that you’re interested in purchasing it? You’ve come to the right place, by purchasing a loaner vehicle you receive all the benefits of buying a used car while being able to enjoy a high-quality model kept in spectacular condition by the Cincinnati MINI Dealership. Active loaners have limited wear and tear and come with benefits that may not be available anywhere else. By purchasing an active loaner you are benefiting from:

    • Competitive Prices
    • New Car Rates and Special Offers Apply
    • Higher Standards of Quality
    • Total Confidence in your Pre-Owned MINI

    By choosing an active loaner, you know that all service and maintenance done to the vehicle was authorized and approved by the Cincinnati MINI dealership. Active loaners are a great way to purchase a high-quality vehicle at an incredible discount. Get the best of both worlds and shop for active loaners today! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits that come with buying an active loaner, as well as what it means to be a MINI Certified Used vehicle. For more information or to schedule a test drive, feel free to contact us at Cincinnati MINI for more information!

    What is a loaner vehicle and why should I buy one?

    Our active loaners are part of a select inventory of new vehicles that are set aside for those who need reliable transportation while their vehicle is being serviced. Oftentimes, when an active loaner reaches a certain number of miles, we make this vehicle available for purchase like it were a regular used vehicle. Purchasing an active loaner allows you to benefit in similar ways had you purchased a used vehicle. These benefits include:

    • Avoid Major Depreciation: Most new vehicles will lose their value quickly within the first five years. By choosing a used vehicle, you can stretch your investment even further. Your vehicle will depreciate much slower because it has already lost the majority of its value within the first few years.
    • Pay Lower Sales Tax: We all know that the higher the cost you pay for your vehicle, the higher the sales tax you can expect to pay.
    • Pay Lower Insurance: Used vehicles usually have lower insurance rates because it is easier and less expensive to fix them. And because they have already spent time out on the market, you will usually have more options in terms of service as you aren’t restricted by the demands of a new car’s warranty.
    • Explore Endless Options: The pre-owned market is large, and with such an impressive variety of models available, you can enjoy the benefits of a larger selection with endless options. You may even be able to find models that are no longer in production or even be able to afford a specific vehicle that would be otherwise out of your budget if it were new.
    • Enjoy More Customization Options: By choosing a used car, you are opening up more doors to customization options that wouldn’t be available if you were shopping new. The marketplace is larger for used vehicles due to time passing and the quantity of that specific vehicle on the market.

    MINI Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

    Many active loaners qualify to be a MINI Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. These vehicles come with the same benefits as typical used vehicles but are all under 5 years of age, and have the added luxury of being obsessively inspected by a team of trained MINI Technicians, to ensure it meets our high standards. Additional benefits to buying a MINI Certified Pre-Owned vehicle include:

    • MINI Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty
    • Backed by a 24/7 Roadside Assistance Plan
    • Thoroughly Inspected
    • Reconditioned with 100% Genuine MINI Parts
    • Backed by a Nationwide Network of MINI Dealers
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