Lube, Oil, & Filter Changes at Cincinnati MINI

Why Do I Need a Lube, Oil & Filter Change?

An oil and filter change is a preventative maintenance service that helps the performance of your MINI and extends its life. Oil lubricates the components inside your MINI Cooper’s engine while reducing the amount of friction between them. Oil acts as a cooling agent as it circulates through the engine and absorbs harmful particles produced by the combustion process, directing them to the oil filter.

What Do Filters Do?

Filters sieve out debris and contaminants for clean, free-flowing oil. Oil and oil filters work together to keep your MINI engine performing at optimal levels.

What Happens During a Lube, Oil & Filter Change?

During an oil change your engine’s old oil is replaced with new oil, your oil filter is replaced, and your MINI Cooper’s components are lubricated.

What happens if I Don’t Change my Oil & Filters?

Over time oil becomes saturated with contaminants and excess particles are left behind in the engine. This can cause:

  • Deposits to form and cause significant wear to your engine.
  • Over-saturated oil loses its lubrication, leading to an overworking engine.
  • Overworking engines produce excess heat and engine failure.
  • Dirty oil flows slowly and causes your engine to work harder, increasing engine wear.

What are the Benefits of a Lube, Oil & Filter Change?

Routine lube and oil changes help keep your engine running stronger and longer, increasing the longevity and reliability of your MINI.

When Should I Get an Oil & Filter Change?

MINI Cooper Engine Oil is recommended to be changed approximately every 12 months or approximately every 10,000 miles. Oil change recommendations may vary depending on your driving style. For example, a sporty driving style, the break-in period of the engine, or extended idling of the engine could all lead to needing an oil change sooner. Your MINI Cooper’s internal computer will let you know when you’re due for an oil change, mileage or date-dependent.

Why Service Your MINI at Cincinnati MINI?

At Cincinnati MINI, our Certified MINI technicians know exactly what your specific MINI needs to continue performing as smoothly as the day you drove it home. Benefits of coming to Cincinnati MINI include:

  • Certified MINI service – everything is done according to MINI standards and adherent to your warranty.
  • Expert maintenance technicians – they know everything about your MINI and are up-to-date on the latest recommendations by MINI.
  • Genuine MINI parts and accessories for your specific MINI.

Routine maintenance and repairs are necessary in order to keep your beloved MINI looking and performing exceptionally. Fortunately, Cincinnati MINI has you covered! Here at our Service Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, you can get anything from an oil change to a tire replacement done in a timely manner. Check out all our latest Service Specials and schedule an appointment at our Service Center here for all of your maintenance and repair needs.


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